The PetMassage™ Satellite School

Instructor Licensing Program

1. Welcome.

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramThank you for expressing your interest in the new PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing Program.

Until now PetMassage™ has only been taught from the facility in Toledo Ohio.

Over the years, we have received many invitations to teach the PetMassage™ Foundation workshops in other areas of the US and in several other countries.

“I just wish you were closer. Then I could take your workshop!”

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramThis is the fervent request we’ve heard so often. When we offer workshops closer to students, more students will learn PetMassage™. This is the concept of “build it and they will come.”

The demand for PetMassage™ is growing. We are now providing training for the next generation of instructors to meet the demand for PetMassage™ Providers and Practitioners.

This is our vision:

PetMassage™ uses its experience and standing as a pioneer and leader in the canine massage and bodywork field to provide thorough training, guidance and licensing for students to operate regional PetMassage™ schools.

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramPetMassage™ has been preparing for this moment for many years. The workshops that licensed instructors in satellite schools teach are the result of over 25 years of development.

PetMassage™ is committed to providing excellence in canine PetMassage™ training. Candidates for licensed instructors must complete all required PetMassage™ workshops and demonstrate both the desire and the ability to teach PetMassage™ programs being faithful to PetMassage™ school standards and vision.

The instructors we license will be in protected territories. Our PetMassage™ affiliate Licensees will all work together as a community. We will all coordinate our efforts and schedules to optimize encouragement and support for our own and each other’s success.

2. Are you a natural teacher/entrepreneur?

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramCanine massage is fast moving into the mainstream. PetMassage™ is on the cusp of tremendous growth. More and new providers are needed to be trained to offer PetMassage™.

Over the past fifteen years PetMassage™ for dogs has built a reputation for its integrity, consistency, and excellence of its training programs. PetMassage™ is a trademarked, recognizable brand name.

Do you know yourself to be a natural educator?

Will you be a trainer and mentor for the next generation of career PetMassage™ providers? Will you be the one to educate and train families, children and their parents in the value and uses of PetMassage™ safe dog handling techniques?

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramWould you like to generate more PetMassage™ income beyond your canine massage practice?

The real question is: Would owning and operating a regional Licensed PetMassage™ school make you happy?

3. Historical perspective: Our time is now.

We see this point in the development of PetMassage™ for dogs as similar to where human massage therapy was, twenty-five years ago.

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramAt that time, massage was an already accepted modality for many physical therapists and osteopaths, and in the arena of professional athletics. They recognized massage as beneficial and effective. For animals, equine massage had just proven its worth benefiting horses in Olympic competition.

In the US, until recently, human massage was considered to be suspect — far from mainstream Puritan based social mores. Massage was viewed as an extravagance for the wealthy; they were exotic European or mysterious Eastern treatments. It also carried the sordid reputation as being part of foreplay or associated with prostitution.

While canine massage does not carry the social stigma that human massage had, it has come up against similar forms of political and social resistance.

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramNow, fast forward to today. Human massage has attained social acceptance and the support of the medical community. It’s one of the fastest growing fields of health and wellness care. And, as acceptance of human massage grows, the demand for PetMassage™ for dogs is heightened.

In the years that we have been facilitating PetMassage™ workshops, we have witnessed an ever increasing recognition, acceptance and valuing of canine massage.

More and more pet parents see articles about canine massage in magazines, newspapers and online. Everywhere. They now actively seek out PetMassage™. They recognize and ask for the brand: PetMassage™.

Many in the animal healthcare community now incorporate PetMassage™ and hire PetMassage™ Providers and Practitioners to offer our specialized skills.

Vet schools such as The University of Tennessee, The Ohio State University, and Michigan State are now teaching veterinary rehabilitation. In their programs, massage is a significant component of practically every treatment protocol.

PetMassage™ is a pioneer in the animal massage industry. Since it began in 1997, it has become one of the world’s premier schools for canine massage training. It is often recommended to inquiring students by vet schools as the school of choice.

4. Requirements for PetMassage™ Licensed Instructor.

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramThe prerequisites for entering into the program for licensure are completion of the PetMassage™ for Dogs Foundation and Advanced Workshops. These workshops are held several times each year. They cost $1400 each. Here is a link to discover more about these workshops:

  1. The two hands-on PetMassage™ for Dogs workshops are the Foundation and the Advanced.As a PetMassage™ Licensed Instructor you will receive thorough training and consistent, on-going support. Your training begins with an Instructor’s Training Workshop and continues with student teaching a minimum of two PetMassage™ for Dogs Foundation workshops. The costs for these workshops are all included in your PetMassage™ Instructor Licensee Application fee.
  2. The PetMassage™ Instructor’s workshop is 4-days and is taught by PetMassage™ founder Jonathan Rudinger.In the Instructor’s Training workshop you learn the policies and practices that have evolved over fifteen years of teaching excellence.PetMassage™ is one of the early pioneers in training canine massage providers and practitioners. Its techniques, teaching style, teaching materials, and approach to canine massage is original and groundbreaking.What can you expect to learn in The PetMassage™ Instructor Workshop? This course provides instruction in PetMassage™ teaching techniques, standards, practices, and philosophy. You will learn the intentions, the goals, and the specifics of content for each level of training you will be teaching.You will learn everything you need to know to open and operate your PetMassage™ school, including facility requirements, site selection and rental agreements, facility management, staff hiring, marketing, promotion and public relations, website form and content, course instructional programming, bookkeeping for all the revenue you will be receiving, and accessing on-going consulting through teleconferencing.
  3. Student-teaching a minimum of two PetMassage™ for Dogs Foundation workshops in Toledo with Jonathan Rudinger. This is your apprenticeship.Actualize and practice what you’ve learned in your PetMassage™ Instructor Workshop with the supervision, suggestions and gentle corrections which only Jonathan and Anastasia can offer. This is structured time where we work one-on-one in creative strategic planning and base-building.When you complete your training you will be ready and confident to manage your PetMassage™ Satellite School.Your training and support will continue as your school grows, with scheduled private teleconferences, group/affiliate brainstorming sessions and annual visits from Jonathan and Anastasia Rudinger.

5. Instructor duties: Teaching, Mentoring, Management/Marketing, and Research.

PetMassage™ licensed instructors will teach:

  • PetMassage™ Foundation,
  • Home style PetMassage™ for the pet owner,
  • PetMassage™ for Kids
  • Additional non-PetMassage™ courses

The Foundation PetMassage™ workshops are designed to familiarize students with PetMassage™ techniques and principles. It is training for people to work with veterinarians, in animal rehabilitation clinics and in their own businesses with clients’ pet dogs.

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramThe Home style PetMassage™ for Dogs are short, informal workshops taught to groups of pet owners so that they can learn to perform a simple, yet effective PetMassage™ on their own dogs at home. These popular classes introduce PetMassage™ as a part of everyday canine care, as important as feeding, grooming, and exercise. These classes are perfect opportunities to demonstrate that a PetMassage™ is more complicated than the everyday dog petting. Home style classes are also comfortable and fun ways to market your professional PetMassage™ for dogs services. The Home style class can be an excellent venue for fundraisers and introducing yourself and PetMassage™ to a new audience.

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramThe PetMassage™ for Kids teaches children, ages 7-12, and their parents, any age, PetMassage™ skills including massage, safe dog handling, social awareness skills, and canine and human body language. This course is an excellent offering to children in families that adopt/rescue dogs, to help them learn to interact with dogs in safe and supportive ways. This course is taught to scout troops, as after school programs, summer camp courses and neighborhood and church sponsored workshops. This is a great way to market your PetMassage™ services to the children’s parents and instill in the children the mindfulness of the benefits of massage for their dogs.

Additional courses. If you have expertise in allied non-massage disciplines, such as animal behavior, anatomy, nutrition, acupressure, canine foot reflexology, healing touch, Reiki, Animal Bowen, color, light, aroma, polarity, and/or flower essence therapy you may teach your own workshops.

  • These will enhance your profile as the authority in holistic canine health care in your territory.
  • This is a great way to increase revenue and enhance visibility.

PetMassage™ licensed instructors can also hire independent contractors to teach courses in their facilities. Contracting complementary classes in canine health and wellness with area experts to be taught in your facility enhances

  • visibility
  • reputation and
  • revenue

PetMassage™ licensed instructors will

  • Host and assist Jonathan Rudinger for one annual PetMassage™ for Dogs Advanced Workshop. Instructors will receive per student compensation for marketing and hosting the Advanced workshop.
  • PetMassage™ Advanced Workshops enhance visibility, reputation and revenue.


Developing a credible research system and making the results available to canine massage and bodywork students has been one of the goals and pursuits of PetMassage™ since its inception. Our goal is to become a resource for future students who will be studying the anatomy, physiology, nutrition, behavior, body language, the effects of massage, et al, of dogs.

PetMassage™ Licensed Instructors will:

  • Facilitate research studies using the PetMassage™ template
  • Work with Jonathan to develop their own professional narrative by publishing their own books and papers through PetMassage™ Books.

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramLicensed Instructors will also actively participate in research studies to expand the documentation of the effects and efficacy of PetMassage™.

As a Licensed Instructor you will encourage and coordinate your students to conduct studies of selected populations of their canine clients. You will work with them and contribute articles each year to PetMassage™. Licensed Instructors are expected to submit a short book, or co-author a book with Jonathan Rudinger each year for PetMassage™ Books. This may seem to be a daunting challenge. Sometimes stretching and growing is scary. Jonathan will help and guide you!

6. Benefits of becoming a PetMassage™ Licensed Instructor

With the PetMassage™ Licensed Instructor credential and training, you will have increased opportunities to follow your dream and, through the work of your students, to touch the lives of many more dogs and their people in your region.

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramConsider these benefits:

  • Personal and professional growth
  • Happiness, fulfillment, security
  • Increased income
  • Increased credibility and community acceptance
  • Opportunities to mentor

While you train and mentor the next generation of PetMassage™ Providers, and teach families and their children PetMassage™ techniques, you continue to service your private canine massage clients.

As you attract students from all over your territory to attend your workshops, you will increase your income. You will find the far greater part of your revenue will be the results of workshop fees and sales of PetMassage™ training materials.

7. Your License includes a business in a box.

You will begin your school with a beginning inventory of original PetMassage™ books and DVDs to supply training materials to your first ten Foundation level, Home style and PetMassage™ for Kids students.

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramPetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramPetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramYou’ll also receive a selection of patches, decals, posters, and PetMassage™ charts. Additional products that you will be needing for students, workshops and retail inventory are available at Licensed Instructor wholesale rates.

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramPetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramPetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramPetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramPetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing Program

8. Costs

After you have completed the PetMassage™ Foundation and Advanced Workshops, there are two additional fees you must pay: one to cover your training and the other for your PetMassage™ Instructor License.

  1. An Application fee which includes your training.
  2. The License fee which includes your beginning inventory.

The PetMassage™ Instructor Application Fee is non-refundable. Payment of your Application Fee reserves your territory while your are being trained and preparing to begin your PetMassage™ Instructor License Program. This fee includes the Instructor Training Workshop and the two Student Teaching of Foundation Level workshops in Toledo, Ohio. This is an investment in your future.

Discover whether teaching PetMassage™ and managing a school will make you happy. This training period will give you and Jonathan ample time and opportunity to evaluate your commitment to this entrepreneurial venture.

License applicants will have one year to complete their training and open their school for students.

The PetMassage™ Instructor License Fee is a one-time fee and is offered at this time, for a special introductory cost. Please be aware that this charge will increase as the PetMassage™ Instructor License Program grows.* The License fee includes the Business in a Box inventory, as described above, and consulting assistance with your school site selection and development, ongoing training and consulting support with scheduled private and group teleconferences and annual visits from Jonathan and Anastasia Rudinger.

Once you are teaching there will be small annual license maintenance fees and nominal per student PetMassage™ course fees.

9. Call to action: Apply

PetMassage™ Satellite School Instructor Licensing ProgramWould you like an application to be a candidate for the PetMassage™ Licensing Program, and commence training to operate your own licensed regional PetMassage™ Satellite school?

Email Jonathan Rudinger at or call 800-779-1001.

*The costs for obtaining a license as described above are introductory fees. Apply now to secure your territory and the low introductory price!

10. PetMassage™ Instructor Training Workshop

The first PetMassage™ Instructor Training Workshop is June 22-25, 2012. Be in the first class.

PetMassage™ LTD is approved by the:

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as continuing education provider #285813-00

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

The Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP)

The International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork/Association for Canine Water Therapy (IAAMB/ACWT)